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My name is Krishna Kanth (KK). Since childhood I was always curious, interested and fascinated about how static engineering marvels like bridges, dams, tall and huge structures / skyscrappers are built and how dynamic marvels like trains, planes and cruises are operated and run and so on. I studied my Bachelors Degree of Technology (B.Tech) in Civil Engineering and followed a number of amazing engineering projects like the Konkan Railway and so on. I did my MBA in International Finance & Business and so thoroughly know and understand the accounting, finance & financing and economic basis of how a complex and complicated project like buying and leasing Aeroplanes, financing an Airport, Cruise ship happens and so on. With with a broad aim and view to discover the world though my working and living – I lived, studied and worked in different parts of the world from far-east Asia to Europe. Due to my stay in different parts of the world and working with clients and consulting & delivering enterprise software & mobile solutions for Android smartphones and outsourcing solutions like the CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Client Relationship Management), Supply Chain & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, HRMS (Human Resources Management System), Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics systems to clients in the Air Transport (Airline, Airports, Aircraft), Shipping & logistics, Banking & Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Retail & Manufacturing domains – My jobs involved wide travelling in interactions with the clients a lot and so in this process of wide and extensive travelling across the world in planes, trains & cruises combined with my deep passion to tour, travel, discover, explore, experience, enjoy and understand our world – I became thoroughly conversant with many parts of the world like a local. In the process also picked up Mandarin, Swedish and Spanish (for culture) as I like latin music and salsa. Over the years, In my GLOBAL ODYSSEY – I covered many of the superlative man made Wonders of the World  (WOW) with exception to major exotic trips like the trip to Antarctica and the North pole !

I lived and spent many years in China & Far East Asia and so had thoroughly seen, been, understand and appreciate and travelled most of China and the far east and experienced the culture – just like a local and also learnt Mandarin

Living in China and the fareast – I was extremely fascinated with the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Far East Asian, South & South east Asian cultures like Thailand – I went around discovering, observing, understanding and assimilating most of Asia (east of India) on trains, planes in extreme detail – for example from understanding Hinduism, Confuciusm to Teravada Buddhism in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka to Mahayana Buddhism in China, Japan, Korea to Tibetan Budddhism in Tibet / India / Bhutan / Nepal to cultural experiences like ´Bian Lian´ – the face changing dramatic art of Sichuan opera to tea cultures in China / Japan / Korea to amazing temples & cultures in Thailand. It is a real unique experience ! It is amazing ! 

Studying, Working and living in Asia and Europe gave me the opportunity to travel extensively and know & discover many areas of the world almost like a local ! 

Similarly understanding Europe and Middle East Asia gave me deep insights into histories and cultures and insights and understanding of Christianity to Judaism to Islam and visiting the amazing and outstanding cities in Europe and Middle east Asia as well as Basilicas, Cathedrals, Mosques and synagogues. It is truly amazing experience again. Im always learning ! it never stops !

I can speak a few Indian languages (Telugu, Hindi, Tamil) and few non Indian origin languages (English, Chinese (Mandarin), Swedish & Spanish for Culture & salsa) and deep interest in latin salsa & latin music and Italian opera arias apart from deep interest in culture. My connection to Latin America and Caribbean are the Geography / high altitude airports and habitations to Latin Music, salsa music and culture ! It is amazing again !

I have extensively travelled across many parts of the world in trains, planes, cruises and also for example did many pre-inaugurals of cruises starting with amazing ships like the MSC MERAVIGLIA and SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS – Currently the WORLDs´ LARGEST, LATEST & THE BEST CRUISE SHIP when they are out straight from the ship yards and sea trails to trains like the WORLDs´ FATSEST TRAINS in China like MAGLEV (431 KMPH covering 30.5 KM in 7+ minutes), HEXIE HAO & FUXING HAO in China (WORLDS´ FASTEST ADHESION RAILWAY on earth 300-400 KMPH) to NOZOMI 700 series super express shinkansen in Japan to FRECCIAROSSA in ITALY to the WORLDS´ HIGHEST TRAIN ROUTE in TIBET (QINGZANG TIELU / THE QINGHAI TIBET RAILWAY) as it opened in 2006 & amazing planes like the AIRBUS A350, A380 and follow air shows in Paris, Farnborough, Dubai and Singapore and Airbus factories in Hamburg (Germany), Tianjin (China) & Toulouse (France) 

I also visited many of the man made and natural wonders and superlatives across the world as well as many of the UNESCO world heritage sites and experienced some of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage items ! For example I had seen almost all the UNESCO listed heritage sites in China, Switzerland etc. – China has the world´s largest collection of UNESCO sites in the world along with ITALY at 55  sites each followed by Spain (48).

By now I had also visited and covered  many of the holiest sites & shrines across across some of the major faiths / religious adherances and cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Taoism. Many of those wonders are presented in this knowledge portal blog magazine

if I have money and time – I would love to travel and discover the world and so obviously love Planes, Trains, Cruises, engineering & Infrastructure, culture across the world

I have deep passion for discovering people, places and cultures across the world and with a deep understanding and specialization of some of the geographical, business, cultural & travel aspects of the world and this knowledge portal helps share them with you anytime, anywhere on any network connected communication or computing device

This personal blog magazine is an attempt in that direction and this is the basis for this knowledge website & portal with the core categories being Business, Culture , Life & Living, Travel & Wonders of the World (WoW)

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Since I travelled across and discovered the world a lot and passionate about business, engineering, infrastructure, trains, planes, cruises, culture – Im like a world tour guide and therefore I would like to share my experiences with you

So this personal blog magazine is the knowledge portal that helps sharing the EXPERIENCES & KNOWLEDGE of the WORLD – the key objective is really to KNOW & UNDERSTAND, EXPERIENCE & HAVE KNOWLEDGE of the WORLD by way of deep delve observations, study, expeditions, excursions, adventures, tours & travels. The attempt is to DISCOVER, TOUR, TRAVEL, EXPLORE, ENJOY and have EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE of the WORLD and its WONDERS ! So KKSS stands for KNOWING & KNOWLEDGE SEEKING SITE / CENTER of the World !

So it is now your turn to discover and experience the world !

So this detailed knowledge & experience webportal is for you for information and knowledge and help you discover, understand, experience and know the wonders of the world

General style and pattern of the feature Presentation in this Knowledge & experience portal

The general pattern and style is description and illustrations using a combination of PHOTOS, VIDEOS, TEXT with factual details to describe a static or a dynamic/moving WONDER OF THE WORLD 

A WONDER in this knowledge portal could be a natural / man made place, a monument, a holy place or place with religious significance / holiest site, a cultural icon, a structure, an engineering / infrastructural marvel or masterpiece, a superlative,  a dynamic or moving (Trains, Planes, Cruises, ferries, aerial cable cars) or natural wonder or anything that appears in this webportal

Almost every article generally has two parts – the EXPERIENCE portion & the KNOWLEDGE portion usually with the EXPERIENCE portion first followed by the KNOWLEDGE portion.

  • The EXPERIENCE portion covers PHOTOS, VIDEOS showing spectacular video / dynamic views from multiple angles / ground / air or useful charts / maps / documentation etc. that i gathered as part of my deep delve excursions to these places to compliment & supplement
  • The KNOWLEDGE part of the presentation is the content part presented in a very simple pedagogic manner sometimes with catechism pattern (question answer) starting with simple questions like WHAT, WHY, WHEN , HOW, WHERE, WHO etc. so that you can easily grasp the wonder as well as experience it in a matter of minutes

Please be a bit patient if the micro videos in some of the articles do not load in a flash especially immediately in smart phones sometimes – they might take a few seconds – we are still in the era of 4G – 5G is coming soon !

Some salient features in this Knowledge portal – Micro Videos covering most of the specialities, uniqueness, differences of the WONDER presented in the portal

  • I only appear in some of the photos and some feature photos of an article – Just treat me as your world Tour Guide showing and guiding you through the Word and Wonders of the World (WoW) !
  • The videos are mostly free of any people including me so as to solely focus on the item and aim to be distraction free and focus on the experience
  • Wherever the wonder seemed extremely big – multiple articles have been written and named as part 1,2,3,4 etc.
  • The videos are micro videos many of them shot in 4K resolution (the highest resolution currently available in cameras) – most of them usually run for a few seconds detailing each aspect of the wonder presented in that article
  • They have been meticulously shot and anchored to the article to enable appreciate each aspect of the wonder
  • Many latest technologies and techniques like aerial views from aeroplanes, helicopters, drones have been incorporated into the article presentation
  • Many times – it has been very extremely difficult, risky and a lot of hardwork to accomplish these videos that just run for a few seconds – but it is worth it as they help describe the WONDERS of the WORLD created either by man or nature in unparalleled detail
  • So I request you to please go through these articles on the WONDERS of the world and gain experience & knowledge – finally any experience is a memory and memory is a knowledge !

It is Overwhelming ! How can one person singly know so much or present so many details about the world ?

It is just simply a man´s curiosity to know, pure passion & obsession and appreciation towards people, places, cultures & wonders to did deep into each of these greatest (especially man made) wonders on earth ! nothing else !

Remember – I did not create any of these wonders that appear in the portal – I just experienced them and Im presenting the knowledge related to them by way of photos, videos, text etc.

Initially it might seem overwhelming and dismiss this knowledge portal as just a self promotional & propoganda focussed personal album & blog. It is not at all this !

This knowledge portal is not about me – It is about presenting the WONDERS OF THE WORLD and Im only just a medium in the form of a World Tour Guide to present these WONDERS.

It is about these Wonders that mankind has created throughout the ages be it the great wall of China, Burj Khalifa or Shanghai Tower, fastest / latest trains / planes, cruises,  Venice, Oresund / HZM sea tunnel bridge systems, Three gorges dam, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Vatican City, Wat Phra Kaew, Statue of Unity, The Venetian / Parisian, Japan, Thailand or anything else that appears in this experience & knowledge portal ! Im only presenting experiences and factual facts about these wonders ! That¨s it !

This knowledge portal is my tribute and obeisances to mankind who created (or are in the process of creating) these wonders as well as knowledge gift to the mankind to understand and appreciate these wonders

Each of the man made wonders be it engineering, infrastructure, trains, planes, cruises, automobiles are simply amazing and outstanding and make me feel repeatedly as to how man has created them in the first place ! So this knowledge portal is dedicated to my parents as well as all the people positively involved in creation of these man made wonders through the ages !

Man is great ! This is my tribute and obeisances to mankind who are behind the creation of these outstanding and amazing wonders as well as my knowledge gift to the world ! Im at the most and best a world tour guide !

So just imagine me as your world tour guide in your world tour with me guiding you to experience what I have already experienced.  It is just that you are not there in the picture or video but neverthless always with me in your tours, experiences, excurisons, expeditions or adventures !

I would be most happy for you to enable and help you experience the world with me – especially for those of you who have deep passion to experience the world but could not do so because of any constraint that you might have be it time, money, lack of previous knowledge or prior interest or any other thing

So just join me in your global odyssey & global tour ! Come on board !

As you can see – I love each of the great places on earth as well the moving parts be it on 





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